Pleo Inc. --Total processing solutions for lighting fixtures

Pleo Inc. is a provider of total processing solutions for a range of lighting fixtures and other industrial products. The solutions include both materials and processing for die casting, plastic injection, stamping, spinning, machining, welding, forging, assembly, anodizing, and painting.

In early 2009 the company began applying plaster and alabaster to lighting fixtures, becoming one of the world's few contract manufacturers using these attractive materials to make lighting fixtures. The materials are fireproof, recyclable, nontoxic, and paintable, and can also be applied to interiors and building materials.

Other materials that the company has used to make lighting fixtures include steel, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. Its lighting parts include hollow-cored PC/acrylic parts, panel glass, and blown glass.

Pleo does not offer just passive manufacturing services; it provides active services as well, notably advice on the revision of customers' original designs and processing for the sake of optimization.

The company has been providing its solutions for over 15 years on an OEM/ODM basis, and has established a fine reputation in the international lighting market. It remains eager to deploy its abundant experience to help its lighting customers.