Lighting Fixture Supplier Pleo Inc. Takes on Outdoor Solutions

■Chou Ming-chou

Pleo Inc. is a professional supplier of lighting fixtures to market worldwide for more than 15 years. The firm aims to provide the best services and high-quality products, enabling them to lay the foundations for maintaining long-term business cooperation with partners in terms of OEM and ODM projects.

On display at National Hardware Show is Pleo's comprehensive display of their lighting products, including the Pleo Ultra Solar Stair Light and Pleo Mosquito Repellent Light. The Pleo Ultra Solar Light is the firm's new generation of lights that are specifically designed for outdoor usage. For example, these lights are solar powered and easy to instolation.

Manufactured using stainless steel materials, the solar stair light comes with a smart system “program control” that chooses the best lighting according to the environment, making it an energy-saving, safe and effective solution.

Next on the list is the Pleo Mosquito Repellent Light line-up. Also designed for outdoor usage, the light is equipped with an internal battery. Users can simply charge it up and leave it outside. Unlike other mosquito repellent lights, Pleo designed a special spectrum that eliminates the chances of getting bitten regardless of the outdoor lighting situation. This type of light is also suitable for applications in industries like food processing, as it helps ward off insects, as well as the animal husbandry industry by decreasing chances of animals getting bitten by insects and spreading disease. The mosquito repellent light is definitely the best choice for general use, as it helps lower environmental pollution and avoid killing the wrong insect species.

Pleo doesn't just develop indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, they are also invested in offering solar LED luminaires geared for outdoor IoT solutions. The firm is currently working with partners in industries like water quality detection in aquafarming and farming solutions, as well as urban solutions for outdoor parking management.

Pleo Inc. will be showcasing their unique outdoor lighting solutions geared for personal and commercial use.(photo courtesy of Pleo Inc.)